Abused and Reused: The Brooklyn Waterfront 2013-2015

First heavily industrialized and then abruptly abandoned with the introduction of the shipping container, the Brooklyn waterfront has been undergoing a tremendous transformation in the last several decades. This story is important as a part of the unique history of New York City but also important because of what it shares with the stories of urban waterfronts around the world from Rotterdam to Kaohsiung, Taiwan. When technology moved shipping and manufacturing out from the core of cities, the urban waterfront was abruptly abandoned and left with a legacy of industrial pollution. In New York, there have now been several decades of planning and development to reclaim the waterfront for recreational and residential uses as well as support the working waterfront through the designation of SMIAs. The goal of Abused and Reused: The Brooklyn Waterfront is to capture this changing function and conception of the waterfront as it is unfolding.